About SBA Basics

SBA Basics has been in business since 1980. Initially, it was a Houston, TX company but relocated to the Dallas, TX area in 1990.


earlyadoptersOur staff members are students of technology.  We are not your typical geeks that love to play with technology.  We study it every day.  We know what works in the corporate environment and can bring big business solutions to your small to midsize company.  Don’t be first to adopt, but don’t be last, either.  You want to be on the leading side of the curve for business advantange.




Globalization.  Virtualization.  The Cloud.  As they converge, technology’s future is emerging at warp speed.  We can help you stay ahead of the innovation curve.  Windows and Linux.  Wireless.  Mesh networks.  Cloud services.  Virtual private networks.  Voice over IP (voip) technology integration.  Unified messaging.  We know the technology and how to deploy it.




In many cases, the best thing for your business is to change processes and procedures.  This might call for some new technology,  maybe not.  The goals are always to help you leverage the talents of your staff and provide the best customer service possible.